Terms and Conditions

On the basis of copyright (Copyright and Related Rights Act – ZASP) – Directive 2001/29 / EC Felix.one doo is the owner of copyright for content that gives the word in a wider sense (text, photos, sketches, maps, projects, audio-video material, software), which can be viewed on the website www.ibidem. You are. No type of copying, copying, duplication or commercial use is permitted without the company’s written consent. Exceptionally, it is permitted to reproduce copyright work on the basis of the right of the public, for educational purposes and for illustration, comparison and instructions in the form of a bid. Exceptions are allowed by law (ZASP, Articles 48, 49, 51) with a commitment to indicate the source and authorship of the work. In accordance with Article 50 of the ZASP Act, copyrights may also be used to a limited extent for non-commercial private use.

  1. Privacy policy

The company Felix.One d.o.o. automatically collects data on the application of the website, particularly on site visits, such as the number of visitors that the website has per day or how long they remain on certain sites. This data does not allow further exploring of the personal data of visitors. The Company uses data of the visits to the ​www.ibidem.si website for its own purposes. Any data send to Felix.One d.o.o. that is obtained when you visit our website, is acquired only for the purposes of commercial use of the Company and will be safe and protected under the law on personal data protection (Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 59/99 , 57/01 , 59/01 – corr. , 73/04 – ZUP-C and 86/04 – ZVOP-1)) and obligatory articles of association. Ibidem is owned by Felix.one d.o.o., Verdijava, ulica 1, 6000, Koper, Slovenia, hereinafter referred to as Ibidem. or “We” or “Website” or “Website”.

The terms and conditions of the Ibidem store are in compliance with the following Slovenian laws: Consumer Protection Act (“Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov”) (ZVPot), Law on Personal Data Protection (»Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov”) (ZVOP-1), Electronic Communications Act (“Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah”) (ZEKom-1).

With the Ibidem online store, Felix.One d.o.o. , Verdijava, ulica 1, 6000, Koper, registration number 693873600, tax number 13836471.

The terms and conditions establish how the Ibidem online shop operates, with rights and obligations for the user and the store, and establish the business relationship between one and the other.

The consumer accepts the terms and conditions once they register.

1.1 Categories of Consumers

By registering in the Ibidem online store, the User becomes part of the Ibidem group, thus making it possible to use the credit service provided by Ibidem, which allows him to lower the price in the Promotions section, or he can decide to purchase something directly in the E-shop section. If the User does not want to register, he can only buy things in the E-shop section. Ibidem undertakes to give the user all the necessary information before entering into any contract: – Company information (Company Name, registered office, registration number) – Contact (email, phone) – Basic features of the product with warranty and expiry time (if any) – Accessibility of products – Terms of delivery – The price must specify whether it includes VAT, shipping costs, other taxes and the validity date of the price. – Method of payment, delivery and delivery time – Duration of the promotion – Conditions and terms of withdrawal -Explanation of the complaints protocol

1.2 Items Offer

The Ibidem online store constantly updates information on articles/products.

1.3 Order

The Ibidem online store gives the consumer the opportunity to re-read the contract between the parties. The function that allows all this is the click on the button (​PAY NOW​). From that moment, the price cannot be changed anymore and will be valid for both parties. The buyer, who stands for the person who entered the shipping information, will receive the purchase invoice via email. The shipping information of the buyer cannot be changed anymore after making the purchase (​PAY NOW​) and confirms the payment. A copy of the purchase contract will be sent by email to the buyer. Ibidem will allow you to check the purchase contract before payment; on the purchase contract there will be the following information.

– Company information (Company Name, registered office, registration number) – Contact (email, phone) – Basic features of the product with warranty and expiry time (if any) – Accessibility of products – Terms of delivery – The price must specify whether it includes VAT, shipping costs, other taxes and the validity date of the price. – Method of payment, delivery and delivery time – Duration of the promotion -Conditions and terms of withdrawal -Explanation of the complaint’s protocol.

1.4 Method of Payment

Payment will be made via PayPal and by all credit cards that are supported by it (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and American Express).

1.5 Delivery

The items are normally delivered within 5-7 working days from the confirmation of payment. In rare cases, additional delays may occur from the manufacturer or supplier / partner making, thus make it impossible for Ibidem to deliver the item within the established deadline. In this case, the customer will be properly informed by Ibidem on the delay. The items are sent by post or courier to the address shown in the User’s account. Certain products may require the presence of the user at the delivery, due to the completion of the necessary formalities (example: a car or a real estate). In this case, all expenses that the User must bear to go to the place where the product is located, as well as any costs, charges, expenses, disbursements or anything not expressly mentioned on the site, will be considered to be borne by the User. The User of the promotion may transfer the property upon purchase and full payment of the product to a third party in accordance with the instructions that such party shall eventually provide to Ibidem.

Ibidem assumes no responsibility whatsoever nor will it be considered to be liable to any legal action where the delivery of the product could not take place due to an incomplete or inaccurate address indicated on the registration form. The User is therefore personally responsible for updating his personal information. Customs duties will not be applied for goods circulating in the European Union. The possible customs duties are not included in the shipping costs and will be charged to the User. Export clearance is required for the following countries Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. In addition to transport, you will receive an export customs clearance of EUR 20, the cost of import customs clearance and taxes and charges are borne by the buyer.

1.6 Warranty on Items

The items offered on Ibidem are being sold as new and are delivered complete by the manufacturer warranty and, if necessary, by the guarantee of the Partner of Ibidem. In case of defect / malfunction detected on the items received, the User must contact the customer service within and not later than 14 days from the date of purchase, by contacting asistenca.ibidem@gmail.com​. Ibidem guarantees 24 months of free warranty to the final customer. If the product is irreparable, Ibidem, within the following 24 months, will provide a new one. Ibidem does not have the possibility to change the warranty terms of the manufacturer. In the event that Ibidem is unable to use a service centre or if the product is not repairable, the buyer will have the opportunity to choose a new product or request, within 24 months, the total reimbursement of the same.

Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot)

1.7 Availability

Ibidem will do its best to offer a selection of suppliers and products as to insure that for the entire duration of the Promotions an unchanged product is available according to the characteristics reported on the site. If, during the duration of the Promotion or before delivery, Ibidem is informed of the unavailability of a product with respect to the characteristics presented, Ibidem will report such circumstance on the website or notify the purchaser of the Promotion in the event that the promotion was completed. In the event that the product is unavailable in the moment of completed Promotion, the purchaser of the Promotion will be offered a product of the same type, of identical or superior value. In this case, if the customer should not be satisfied, he can request a refund for product. On the other hand, if the product is unavailable during the Promotion and in the event that Ibidem becomes aware of such circumstance, the product in question may be withdrawn from the sale and all Credits used by Users for the purchase of the product will be reimbursed.

1.8 Withdrawal

The online store informs the consumer with the right to withdraw from the contract within at least 14 days from the actual receipt of the goods. Such client has to contact the asistenca.ibidem@gmail.com, submitting the withdrawal form, ​and return the item in question to Ibidem, providing that the item has not been damaged, that the packaging is intact, that all the equipment provided by the seller is present inside and that it is in possession of the relevant invoice.

If the buyer should wish to cancel the purchase of an item put on promotion that hasn’t been sent yet, he will have to contact ​asistenca.ibidem@gmail.com​. The price of the item will therefore be reimbursed to the Customer. Items returned with broken packages, items that are not original or damaged, broken or malfunctioning items would not be considered as “Withdrawal”. Ibidem will verify all products returned with the request for “Withdrawal” and will accept only products intact with original packaging.

Consumer Protection Act​ (ZVPot) Article 37.a ​.

1.9 Invoice Release

Ibidem will send the purchase invoice by email after the purchase. On the invoice (contract), the price will be divided into all its components (VAT and shipping costs). The buyer is obliged to communicate in the time indicated the accuracy of the data provided by him before making the payment.

1.10 Prices

In the e-shop part, the user will see only the free purchase price on display. The promotional product is set on a credit service that allows with a click the lowering of the aforementioned price and applies only to registered users.

1.11 Credit Cards

For payment by a credit card or prepaid cards, the User must be the owner of the card used. Once the payment has been made, the card data can no longer be changed.

1.12 Advertising Email

The buyer will receive, via e-mail, the purchase invoice. Ibidem has all the data on the state of purchase, Ibidem checks the purchase, verifies the availability of the product and grants the requested purchase or denies the purchase. ​In the event that Ibidem, for reasons beyond its control, finds problems with the product (availability, colour, type, delivery etc …), it will promptly notify the buyer by email on such matter.

1.13 Definitions

By entering proposals on Ibidem, You (“participant,” customer “,” user “,” beneficiary of the promotion”) will undertake to accept the entire Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Rules of Use as illustrated below.

1.14 Conditions of Registration

Any User wishing to access the site must be over the age of 18 or be of legal age according to the legislation proper to the country of residence.

By registering on Ibidem, the User accepts, unconditionally and without exception, to be bound by the following prohibitions:

– Activation and usage of multiple Ibidem accounts (Accounts). – Usage of a false or fictitious domicile or email address when activating or using an Account. – Providing false or fictitious information to any company in relation to the Ibidem program – Using names and / or addresses and / or personal data belonging to third parties, regardless of their identity.

Ibidem reserves the right to suspend and / or cancel the user account where the behaviour of the latter does not comply with the rules outlined above.

Consumer Protection Act​ ​(ZVPot), ​Law on Personal Data Protection​ (ZVPot-1)

1.15 Access Codes

Each User creates a pseudonym, which will constitute as the sole and unique identifier of the User on the site. Furthermore, each User selects a password. If the User is already registered on Ibidem, the username and password will allow him to access and manage his account. The User is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his username and password. In no case, Ibidem, its employees or associates should be liable in relation to any obligation or duty associated with the use or misuse of the user’s username and / or password.

Law on Personal Data Protection​ (ZVPot-1)

1.20 Services

Our Services are limited to the choice of suppliers and products that will be offered for sale. Furthermore, our Services follow the regular sale process based on the operating principle of price based on an automatic algorithm. In accordance with the Rules of Use you should see the Instructions section, as to make sure that the purchased product is shipped and delivered to the Purchaser. In addition, the Services provided by Ibidem include the management and updating of the Site, not only at the level of the Internet pages and software, but the management of the complex costs associated with servers, employees, advertising, as well as management costs company. With these services, the User accepts and agrees that the Service offered and in relation to which he has decided to purchase Credits is reasonable. In respect of said Services, the User who wishes to submit offers to purchase accepts to purchase the Credits. If for any reason the user is not satisfied with the service offered, we request that the user refrains from

registering on our site and from using our services (see point 1.21 and the Instructions section).

1.21 Credits

Access to the Site and registration are free. To use and benefit from the Services offered by Ibidem, the User must purchase Credits. By purchasing the services of Ibidem, the User will receive Credits that he may use, in his sole discretion, to participate in the Promotions. The number of Credits purchased by the User and deducted from the Credit Account is indicated on the website and may vary according to the products. By registering as a User and therefore using the services of Ibidem, the User agrees and accepts that regardless of the payment made to Ibidem, the latter has the sole objective of ensuring the continuity of the Service described therein and that the information provided from Ibidem in regard to each individual promotion constitutes as an additional service offered by Ibidem itself, for which no payment is required, but only the use of Credits. The User is solely responsible for managing his account. Credits are not refundable.

1.22 Change of Services

Ibidem reserves the right to with or without notice modify or interrupt part of the Service due to force majeure (death, natural calamities or force majeure) at any time. The User agrees and accepts that the company is in no case responsible and that it will not be subject to sanction or any measure promoted by the User or by third parties for any kind of modification, suspension, interruption of Service. He also accepts and agrees not to claim right to any refunds.

Company Protection Act​ (ZVPot) The company will not send any personal data of users to any other person or company.


The company Felix.One d.o.o. undertakes to pay attention in good faith and within its capabilities that the information on the website will be correct and updated. However, the company does not exclude possibility of errors in the contents of the website. Therefore, the information published on the website is informative in that the company can not assume full responsibility for its absolute accuracy. Neither the company Felix.One d.o.o. nor any other natural or legal person who has cooperated or cooperated with Felix.One d.o.o. in creating this website, you may be liable for damage, loss of profit or non-financial damage that could result from using or not being able to use the website. The company undertakes to provide the

optimal functioning of the website; however, it does not assume any responsibility for damages, loss of profit or non-financial damages, which could result from interruptions in the operation of the website. The company reserves the right to modify the content of this website at any time without notice.

2.1 Description of the products

Our company does its best to provide a description of the products as accurate as possible. However, the information may contain typographical errors or inaccurate elements. It follows that the information relating to the products cannot be considered under any circumstances as statements of Ibidem and do not represent a contractual commitment in any way. The value indicated for each item is equivalent to an estimate made by Ibidem and may vary according to the source of supply or the trend in market prices.

Consumer Protection Act​ (ZVPot)

  1. Limitation of use and information on trademarks

3.1 Properties of trademarks

The company Felix.One d.o.o. undertakes to pay attention in good faith and within its capabilities the information on the website will be correct, updated and in accordance with the Slovenian law. ​The Ibidem brands, the logo, the texts of the Ibidem site are owned by Felix.One. All trademarks ​shown on this site belong to their legitimate owners: third party brands, manufacturers, product or ​service names, trade names, corporate and company names, product catalog names, supplier names ​and cited names may be trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks of other ​companies and have been used for the sole purpose of explanation and for the benefit of the owner, ​as well as the end user, of violation of the Copyright rights in force. In no way and for any reason, ​the User will be authorized to use the registered trademarks, intellectual property of IBIDEM and / ​or to reproduce texts, images or any other data published on the Ibidem Website, without the prior ​written authorization of Felix.One. The information and material, published on the website, can be ​downloaded from the server to the User’s personal home application, under which it is not possible ​to change the indicated copyright or other notifications relating to intellectual property rights or ​other rights . The downloading and printing of the material may be used for non-commercial ​purposes only as visualization and reading. Any other copying, distribution, republication or modification of information on www.ibidem.si, by sending it by post or e-mail and distributing ​without prior written permission of Felix.One d.o.o. it’s forbidden. It is also forbidden to use any element of ​www.ibidem.si for any other purpose, except for personal and private non-commercial use. Felix.One d.o.o. is not responsible for the format and content of websites linked or connected in any way to the website www.ibidem.si and is not responsible in any case for any consequences arising from the visit or use of such websites.


The nature of the World Wide Web and the website ​www.ibidem.si makes it impossible to supervise the contents of hyperlinks linked to this website. For this reason, the company Felix.One d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for the content offered by these links.

  1. Violation of the terms and conditions established by law

The company and the authors of the content published on the website expect that users respect the terms and conditions imposed by the law on intellectual property, copyright law and the law on the protection of personal data. In case of violation of the terms and conditions, we will be forced to take action against the person who has violated the law.

  1. General

This legal notice and the website will be governed exclusively by the laws of Slovenia. Consent to the court and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ​Courts of Koper ​for all disputes, proceedings or claims arising out of or in connection with this website.

6.1 User Information

The User agrees to communicate a telephone number that can be used by Ibidem for any need or to be contacted in case of award of a Promotion. The use of the Ibidem site and / or its Services is regulated by our Privacy Policy and Personal Data, which may be subject to any changes. Ibidem will refrain from communicating the User’s personal information to third parties without first having obtained the express consent of the latter.

6.2 Publication of the “Beneficiary of the Promotion”

Ibidem reserves the right to contact the beneficiary of the Promotion and to publish the data of the same (User Name). In the event that the beneficiary becomes available to allow the publication of his own photograph with the purchased article, for advertising purposes, on the various Social platforms, will be recognized some complimentary BONUS credits.

6.3 Purchase limits

Each User can buy an unlimited number of products in a month. Where Ibidem becomes aware that one or more accounts are affiliated to the account of the same User, the limit will be 8 monthly products and will be applied to the total of these accounts. Under affiliated accounts, we mean the accounts belonging to members of the same family, where they use the same IP address, the same shipping address or where Ibidem becomes aware that the Users share their information or the strategies of participation and purchase.