1.1 How to start

Buying on Ibidem is very simple. Follow these simple steps and start Saving.

  1. Register. Registration is completely free, fast and secure. To participate in our promotions you must register first.
  2. Buy the Credits. Credits can be purchased in packages. You can purchase credits via various payment methods including: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron, Aura, Discover.
  3. Choose the Product. Every week we have many fantastic products to buy in promotion.
  4. Crash the price and buy! Each click on the button “CRASH THE PRICE” of the object in Promotion results in a decrease in the price of the same and in a decrease in credits available to the user. The click made by the user allows him to view the promotional price of the object. In the event that several users simultaneously reduce the price, the server will automatically decide which one get the product. Each click generates a time interval of about 3 seconds, allowing the user to decide, in that period if proceed to the eventual purchase. If you are the last to crash the price and the time has expired or the price of the value of the product reaches 0 € you get the Promotion!


1.2 How does ibidem work?

Ibidem is a completely new way of shopping. Ibidem gives you the opportunity to save up to 95% on fantastic products. The products are new, branded and with manufacturer’s warranty.

The products are sold on promotion and works like this: The price of the promotion starts from the starting price of the product, every time someone crashes the price of the product, the price decreases its value and the expiration time is interrupted by 3 seconds, giving the user the opportunity to buy the product, or continue to crash the price.

If you are the last to crash the price and the time has expired or the price of the value of the product reaches 0 € you get the Promotion! Once accepted the price proposed by the promotion, the user will have to pay the value of the product arrived at that time, and shipping costs (that vary depending on the product and weight, are visible in the detail of the PROMOTION).


1.3 I was awarded with a promotion, what do I do?

CONGRATULATION! To have your product you just have to pay the value of the product arrived at that time (IF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO BUY THE PRODUCCT IN 3 SECONDS) and confirm your Shipping address. The sales contract will be considered concluded once your payment has been made. You must pay and confirm the promotion within 7 days of the closing of the same. Otherwise the product is automatically dispensed with.

Once a Promotion has been completed, (the expiry of the remaining time or product price reset) the last User (“Beneficiary”) will be addressed to the “purchase procedure” section. The contract between Ibidem and the consumer is stipulated when the consumer clicks on button (PAY NOW).

Once the payment procedure has been completed, the object will no longer be sold. You can check the status of your shipment from the confirmation email that we will send you with the tracking code of the package.

If you do not arrive the product within 14 days please contact us.


1.4 Where do I see the promotions I got ?

Enter your Personal Area MY ACCOUNT and go to the Promotions section, you will see all the promotions you are participating in and you have done with the related details.




2.1 What are credits for?

The credit service allows you to lower the value of the product price. Each click on the button “CRASH the price” of the object in Promotion results in a decrease in the price of the same and in a decrease in credits available to the user.


2.2 How to purchase credits?

Buying credits is very simple.

  1. If you are already registered, just log in to Ibidem using your username and password and you will see “MY ACCOUNT” in the upper right corner ,you will find the item “CREDITS”.
  2. Select the package you want to buy, once selected it will highlight green.
  3. Click on the SEND button and follow the instructions.

You can pay with the safest payment methods including: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Aura Card, American Express, Discover.


2.3 How to use the credits?

After purchasing your credit package, you can simply click on the “DOWN PRICE” button, your nickname will be registered from the system and visible as the last bidder. Ibidem can not under any circumstances be held responsible in relation to any interference or interruption of Internet access networks, malfunctioning of the computer or telephone devices of the user and of the failures that could result. This includes, without limitation,

  • a defective countdown of the duration of the offer,
  • information not updated regarding promotions.

Ibidem reserves the right to temporarily suspend all sales in Promotion, to change the duration of offers for sales of current promotions, as well as to open or close sales in case of potential risks of anomalies.

If no one else drops the price again, you win the promotion. You will still be free to choose whether to buy it or not contacting the assistance service.



3.1 What are the shipping times?

All our products are shipped by express courier or by postal service in case the country is not covered by Courier service. Shipping times may vary between products. On average shipping times are not more than 7 working days by courier and 30 working days with the postal service throughout Europe.

If you have not received your product within 14 days by courier or 40 days via the postal service, please contact our Customer Support to solve the problem.


3.2 Where can I see the status of my orders?

When you buy a product you can check the shipping status directly from the email we send you with the code tracking.


3.3 How are the transport costs?

Shipping costs vary from product to product and weight. For every promotion you can see at the moment of the purchase before confirming the payment the cost of the shipment.


3.4 In which european countries is provided for customs duty?

Export customs clearance is required for the following countries: Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. In addition to transport, You will receive an export clearance of EUR 20, the cost of import customs clearance and taxes and charges are charged to the purchaser.


3.5 Can I return a product?

The online store informs the consumer of the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of the actual receipt of the goods. The buyer must contact, submitting the withdrawal form to return the item in question to Ibidem on the condition that it has not been damaged, that it has the whole packaging, that it is inside present all the equipment provided by the seller and that is in possession of the relevant invoice.

Do not send the product directly to the sender but contact us first, so as not to create delays on your refund.


My account

4.1 What happens if I lose the password or username?

Do not worry. Simply click on the Forgot Password link under the LOGIN button and follow the instructions.


4.2 How do I change my password?

Enter your area MY ACCOUNT and go to the “DETAILS ACCOUNT” section and change your Email Address.


4.3 How do I change my email?

Enter your area MY ACCOUNT and go to the “DETAILS ACCOUNT” section and change your Email Address.


4.4 Can I check the purchases of the promotions?

Sure, log into Ibidem and go to the “My Account” area and click on the “PROMOTIONS” section. Here you will see all the details about yours shopping.


4.5 Can I change my username?

Sorry, but you can not change your Username once registered. Remember to choose a Username that does not is offensive, as it will be visible to other users.

If you notice a Username of another offensive user, please report it to our Customer Support.


4.6 How can I cancel?

If you wish to be deleted from Ibidem there has probably been some problem, contact us immediately and we will do the possible to solve it.

If you really want to cancel your account you just have to communicate it to our customer support ( You will receive an Email confirming the cancellation from Ibidem.


4.7 I have not been successful – the timer is slow and is blocking

Do not download large files and do not watch streaming movies while participating in promotions. Also insured that there are no other devices connected to the same internet connection, that can consume yours in a sensitive way band. These small measures help you avoid all the problems caused by slowing down your connection internet